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How To Prepare Your Porsche For The Winter

The arrival of December and the holidays means long road trips in the cold to visit dear friends and family. Your things may be packed and ready, but is your Porsche ready? We’ve compiled the necessary precautions every driver should take when traveling in the winter.

The cold weather can sometimes be an enemy to your Porsche. Belts and hoses can become brittle and will be prone to snapping during in the cold. It is in your best interest to take your Porsche in for a tune up as temperatures drop. Waxing your vehicle is a beneficial way to protect the paint from abrasive materials, like ice, and moisture. Remember, too, that your coolant’s purpose is more than to just keep your vehicle from overheating; it also prevents interior corrosion—who knew? Don’t forget to pack for your Porsche when you’re loading your car. Items such as a snow shovel, road salt, ice scraper and gloves are handy items to keep tucked away in your vehicle during the cold and icy weather. Stay safe, drive smart and keep your Porsche in tip-top shape!

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