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A Peek at Porsche’s Four Top-Selling Vehicles

Porsche has always set the standard when it comes to luxurious sports cars.

It all starts with the Porsche emblem, which pays homage to its home in Stuttgart, Germany, where Porsche’s headquarters are located.

Württemberg’s ancient coat of arms is the basis of Porsche’s iconic emblem and an important part of Germany’s history.


Today, the Porsche logo still represents the power, performance, and status that are synonymous with the Porsche brand.

The 2022 lineup carries all of that decades-old and hard-won prestige but is at the same time revolutionary in terms of offering sustainability along with Porsche design and performance.

Here’s a glimpse:


Everyone is buzzing about the 2022 Porsche Taycan for a reason. Not only is it fully electric but it boasts incredible fuel savings due to the size and range of the cutting-edge battery. And when it comes to power you have choices: The Taycan Turbo and Turbo S offer you supercar performance worthy of the racetrack. The Taycan 4S comes with a 522-horsepower powertrain as well as adaptive air suspension that makes it great for your day-to-day. The interior is all about high-tech luxury.

Porsche_Taycan launch

You and your passengers will enjoy the part-leather upholstery, keyless entry, four-zone climate control, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, massage function in the front seats. You can even opt for a 5.9-inch touch screen for the back seats. Other driver-assistance options include automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and forward-collision warnings. There is also available Smart Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go technology. All starting at $84,050.

Porsche Taycan riding


porsche Macan Orange

This is the best-selling Porsche on the planet for a reason: This muscular and athletic vehicle is setting the standard for luxurious and sporty compact SUVs. You’ll love the seven-speed automatic transmission with dual clutches and all-wheel drive. It offers a mighty 261 horsepower and 295-lb-feet torque thanks to its 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged motor. Endless options include. With the Macan you can expect plenty of safety features and other driver-assistance technology such as lane-departure warning and automatic emergency braking.

porsche Macan Panel

The cruise control makes life easy behind the wheel as it that adapts as you drive. The Macan is popular for a reason. It’s both athletic and luxurious, ready for any weekend adventure – on or off the road. It offers power via available turbocharged four-cylinder and V6 engines as well as responsive handling. Starting at $56,250.


Porsche Cayenne launch

This larger two-row luxury SUV offers sporty handling and plenty of utility – and an impressive powertrain. You can choose a 355-hp turbo V-6, or an even beefier 434-hp twin-turbo V-6 or a 460-hp twin-turbo V-8 within the performance-driven GTS. Oh, and there’s a 455-hp plug-in hybrid that has plenty of power and is good for the environment. All models boast a roomy and comfortable interior that can be made even more luxurious and high-tech due to the plethora of available options.

Speed porsche Macan

And for 2022, the infotainment system of the Cayenne has been upgraded with the new generation Porsche Communication Management (PCM) that includes enhanced support for Apple CarPlay and other products. Opt for the Platinum Edition Package and you can have satin finishes and 21-inch wheels on the exterior. Even the base model comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, a 10-speaker stereo, and a Wi-Fi hotspot—among other popular equipment. Starting at $70,000.


t’s Porsche’s best-selling sports car and one of the most iconic automobiles of all time. And the 911 represents a greatness that will never let you down. Take, for instance, the Porsche 911 Carrera. Born from the 992 generation of Porsche, the Carrera has a proven record of impeccable design, superb technology, and an unchanging history of victory, the Porsche 911 Carrera is the vehicle for all true lovers of automotive and for all devotees of Porsche who know there are many fast cars, but there will never be one as iconic as the 911.

Porsche 911 carrera

So with the key in your pocket, open the door, step inside and discover why they say, “There’s no place like home.”

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