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New Porsche Macan Launch Celebrated as Part of Women’s History Month

New Porsche Macan Launch Celebrated as Part of Women's History Month

We decided to do something a little different to celebrate the recent launch of the new Porsche Macan.

In lieu of throwing just another reception or party here at Porsche Palm Springs, our Porsche Pro & Brand Ambassador Sherman Chan hosted a very special launch event that coincided with International Women’s History Month.

After all, the Macan is the No. 1 selling Porsche model in the world, and as such it stands out where others fade into the masses as young, dynamic, and modern – just like the growing number of women who are becoming Porsche owners in recent years.

new porsche macan launch at porsche palm springs

Here is Sherman, in her own words, describing this outstanding launch.

Tell us about this launch for the new Macan.

For the new Macan launch at Porsche Palm Springs, we decided to celebrate International Women’s Month, which happens in March, and combine the two into a women-focused launch event with an incredible speaker, sit-down dinner and Macan unveil. It was a way for us to recognize, thank and celebrate the women who drive our community.

porsche macan launch

Can you tell us more about the speaker and attendees?

Our keynote speaker was Aurora Straus, a Harvard senior and professional race car driver. We invited local businesswomen, female Porsche owners and enthusiasts, and women who work at Porsche Palm Springs.

porsche macan Aurora Straus

Why was this event important within the context of Porsche and women in general?

Porsche has a long-standing history of listening to women, recognizing the incredible influence we have in luxury cars and decision-making and our ever-growing spending power. The Macan was designed as a marriage of practicality and performance. The design elements echo the sporty 911 and the adventurous Cayenne. Naturally, our savvy guests were drawn to it. Among other things, Aurora shared the story of her upbringing, triumphs in racing, and obstacles along the way. She is a true inspiration and left everyone motivated that evening.

Porsche Macan Launch

We also had great reception and feedback from our attendees about how much they loved the new Macan and having such a great opportunity to connect with like-minded women in the Coachella Valley.

Were there any other events that dovetailed with this launch or any planned?

To wrap up Women’s History Month we celebrated Saturday with a rally drive up to the San Jacinto mountains and had lunch in Soboba. We invited Porsche owners and enthusiasts, and the ladies of PCA. Aurora Straus, our keynote speaker for the new Macan launch, was leading the pack up Highway 74 and through the scenic route to San Jacinto.

When we sat down for lunch, we started sharing fun Porsche stories and got to know each other in a casual yet intimate setting. Aurora also gave a short speech at this event and opened a little Q&A session.

We had a lot of fun with this drive and gathering the ladies of our Porsche Community. We would love to organize more events like this in the future! Perhaps a sunrise drive up another road.

porsche Macan woman celebration

For now, you can join us for our scheduled Cars & Coffee on May 7th at Porsche Palm Springs. We will be celebrating the finale of Cars and Coffee for this season

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