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Love all things Porsche as much as you love all things Pixar? Then your dream car just sold at auction for a mere $3.6 million – and it all went to charity.

Porsche Pixar carrera

A Pixar-Inspired Porsche 911 “Sally Special” recently sold at auction for $3.6M and all of it went to charity. And it’s the most expensive Porsche ever.

The one-of-a-kind Pixar-inspired Porsche 911 has a number of special touches inspired by the character Sally from the Pixar movie Cars.

The Porsche 911 Sally Special was sold at auction at RM Sotheby’s during the recent Monterey Car Week event in Monterey, Calif.

Porsche  911 Pixar Carrera
The Pixar-Inspired Porsche 911 recently sold at auction for $3.6M.

The so-called “Sally Special” is a one-off 911 GTS inspired by the Sally Porsche Carrera character in the Pixar movie Cars.

Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur division worked closely with Pixar’s creative team to create the one-of-a-kind sports car. 

During the packed auction event, the car was joined onstage by Sally’s voice actress, Bonnie Hunt along with Pixar creative director Jay Ward and others linked to the cars Cars production and Kjell Gruner, president and CEO of Porsche North America. 

RM Sotheby’s says the auction received much more attention and inquiries about the car than it was expecting – both in the days leading up to the sale and during the dramatic sale itself. The final bid came via telephone.

The Pixar Porsche, or the “Sally Special” features unique design touches, starting with the paint and including the 996-style wheels.

Porsche  911 Pixar Carrera  Sally Cars
The “Sally Special” 911 is Pure Porsche DNA.

There’s a special pinstripe under the spoiler and Pixar badges on the pillars. 

The interior combines an unusual color scheme with houndstooth inserts, special side sills, embossed Cars logos, and much more. 

Along with the Pixar-inspired Porsche 911, the auction winner received a matching Porsche watch, a book detailing the car’s creation, a car cover, and a second set of wheels for track use should the need arise.

Every dollar of the $3.6 million will be split equally between Girls Inc. and USA for UNHCR

The Sally Special is a fully functional Porsche: A GTS with a manual transmission.

“Turbo” inspired wheels are fitted to the Sally Carrera and have been redesigned by Style Porsche designers in Weissach just for the 911 Sally Special.

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 The five-spoke design was slightly modified to match the 20/21-inch diameter of current-generation 911 wheels while remaining true to the Type 996 Porsche.

Daniela Milošević is the Porsche designer who led the team working with Pixar to develop the Pixar-inspired Porsche 911, the Sally Carrera. He helped design not only the unique paint color but also almost every surface inside the car – which was completely re-trimmed or changed in some way.

Porsche 911 Special Carrera  interior
Experience Porsche Like Never Before with This Pixar Porsche.

“We had a completely blank canvas to work from, which was great! In the movie, Sally was a former lawyer from California who appreciated style and elegance. But she was also down to earth and had a sense of fun,” Milošević said.

“We continued the Sally Blue Metallic theme inside the car, with the obvious highlights and much more subtle elements too –many little touches that will hopefully make the winning bidder smile. Everything had to be usable and practical – we really want this car to be driven. We created special cloth trim for this car and wove subtle blue highlights into it. Then we matched this with Chalk leather and Speed Blue and Chalk stitching. The best part has definitely been working on the details – including many little nods to the movie Cars, and to Sally Carrera herself.”

Sad you missed your chance to own that very special Pixar-Inspired Porsche 911? There’s still plenty of time to buy another Porsche 911.

Porsche Special Pixar 911 Carrera
Reality or Cartoon? Take Your Pick!

Take, for instance, the 992 generation of Porsche.

With a proven record of impeccable design, top-notch technology, and a long history of victory on and off the track, the Porsche 911 Carrera is the vehicle for the most ardent fans of great sports cars.

Car & Driver calls the 911 “a performance car for all seasons, the benchmark for steering feel, powerful turbocharged flat-six engines.”

It’s thrilling to drive and easy on the eyes. When most people think of Porsche they think of a 911.

It’s a rear-engined fastback that has become an automotive legend.

It’s, in fact, the industry benchmark for great performance and handling, and feel.

It’s inspired many rivals but why not stick with the original – and the best?

Porsche 911 Carrera Pixar
Couldn’t Get Your Hands on The Pixar-Inspired Porsche 911? The Regular “911” Offers the Same Level of Uniqueness.

The “regular” 911 bears a set of twin-turbo flat-six engines that have been tuned for up to 473 horsepower. 

The higher-performance Turbo and GT3 models bring everything up a notch. 

Most 911 models have rear-wheel drive but all-wheel drive is available. 

Whether you choose the coupe, cabriolet convertible, or Targa body styles you are driving a piece of automotive history. Automotive greatness.

The 911 is the sports car due to its incredible performance and its comfort. It can get you through your day-to-day or the coastal drive of your dreams. 

As part of its 70th birthday celebration, Porsche added a range-topping America Edition GTS cabriolet to the 911 lineup.  This very special car has a seven-speed manual transmission, tri-finish wheels – with white, silver, and red detailing – and special body graphics. Azure Blue 356 exterior paint denotes its greatness.

Inside, the black leather interior is enhanced with red detailing and illuminated door sill plates.

Starting at $186,370.

Interested in the Porsche 911?

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