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The Taycan gets the GTS Treatment for 2022

The Porsche GTS – along with its iconic badge – come from an era when Porsche cars competed in and won many racing events.

The first-ever “GT” badge was given to the 356 Carrera GT in 1955. The first Porsche GTS road model showed up in the 1960s as the 904 Carrera GTS, which was a classic race car that Porsche wanted to bring to the streets. By the 1990s, after the heyday of grand races, the Porsche GTS badge finally made its way to a road car – the 928 GTS.

GTS stand for “Gran Turismo Sport.”

In order to make it a road car Porsche had to make the first GTS comfortable enough to make long road trips. So today, what GTS represents is added comfort and convenience (and incredible performance, of course).

And once again, Porsche is proving that the GTS trim is one for the history books.

The 2022 Porsche Taycan now comes in a GTS model. In just two years, the four-door all-electric Taycan sport sedan has become a bestseller, an icon in and of itself. Porsche is keeping up with that enormous demand by introducing the new Taycan GTS in the spring of 2022.

To put it bluntly: It’s a driver-focused stunner. 
The GTS sits in the Taycan lineup between the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Taycan 4S and the Turbo in terms of price and performance. It delivers 590 horsepower and a 626 pound-feet of torque similar to the Turbo. Range is expected to come in better than the 227 miles of range in the 2021 4S but exact figures have not yet been released.
The look is powerful, even a little menacing, with a blacked-out SportDesign chin spoiler and beefy air-curtain ducts underneath headlight buckets with a black background. 
There are blacked-out side-glass surround moldings along the side of the car along with deeper SportDesign side skirts that have gloss-black inserts.

The rear diffuser is also accented gloss black and the word “Porsche” in the translucent taillight band is accented in black as well. Satin-black wheels with large red calipers also carry the look. 

The 20-inch Turbo S Aero Design wheels come as part of the standard trim or you can order sportier 21-inch forged RS Spyder design wheels with huge 265/35R-21 front and 305/30R-21 rear tires. The Taycan GTS badge on the tail is also finished in black.

Inside, the blacked-out theme continues. 

There, the GTS interior is comprised largely of black Race-Tex, Porsche’s faux-suede material. In fact, it’s the dominant material on the standard 18-way adaptive sport seats as well as the headliner, roof pillars, and sun visors.

The GTS takes everything to another level. 

All of the adaptive air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) systems are included in the Taycan GTS. But they’ve been reworked to create a more “neutral cornering attitude and better turn-in response” as Car and Driver magazine put it.
While the GTS-badged Porsche Taycan is not intended as a track-only car it can perform on the track as needed. Overall, the GTS has more power and sharper handling than the standard version. But at a price point that is easier on the pocketbook than the Turbo.

It’s all-electric but it’s still a Porsche. And it comes with a very long list of options, everything from rear-axle steering, improved adaptive suspension, and those 21-inch alloy wheels that are so stunning

The EPA has not yet released its full range and efficiency data for the Taycan GTS but we will know more when the car is released in the spring. 

One test driver for the Arstechnica website described its performance on the track this way:

“On track, you can get a sense of how much the Taycan’s suite of traction and stability control systems are working. With the car in Sport Plus mode but with the stability management system active, it was possible to feel the car cutting power to the front motor as I negotiated the confines of the (track).

Setting the stability control system to sport relaxes the intervention threshold (and) the Taycan GTS telegraphed its intentions and was easy to catch when it began to run out of grip. And the Taycan has some natural advantages for track driving—instant torque delivery and a very low center of gravity to name but two.”

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