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The 2022 Porsche Panamera: Maybe the Most Comfortable Sports Car on the Market Today.


The 2022 Porsche Panamera was created to meet your everyday needs without sacrificing great power and performance.

Think of it as a super sports car for the whole family.

Available as a sleek wagon, a sporty hatchback-style sedan or an extended-wheelbase sedan, the Panamera has you covered. And, it’s available in several powertrains, including including a V6, a turbocharged V8 and a hybrid.

In other words, the Panamera is everything you’d expect from a Porsche. Sportiness. Great handling. Power.  But its interior also makes it the most comfortable sports car on the market in 2022.

Let’s take a look at some of the comfort features on the Panamera that make it one of the best luxury cars of 2022:

As a Porsche, the front of the cabin is, of course, focused on you – the driver. But in the back, relaxed serenity reigns supreme. There’s generous space for your passengers and the large luggage compartment under the wide opening tailgate keeps space freed up inside the cabin.

Folding rear seat backrests allow larger cargo to be transported as well.


Clearly, not your typical sports car. But a sports car just the same.

In front, the driver and passenger seat offer a high level of comfort and provide lateral back support in fast corners. Among other things, the seat height, cushion and backrest angles and forward/backward positions are electrically adjustable. All without restricting freedom of movement.

The 14-way, electric Power Seats offer additional cushion length adjustment and four-way lumbar support for driver and front passenger. And best of all, the memory function stores settings for seats, steering column, exterior mirrors and other items.
Need even better lateral back support?

The 18-way, electric Adaptive Sport Seats may be just what your doctor ordered, allowing you raise the side bolsters on the cushion and backrest. They offer you and your passengers comfort on long journeys and made-to-measure lateral support in the corners.

The rear seats come with an abundance of leg and headroom and effective lateral support during cornering without sacrificing comfort.


Power Seats with backrest adjustment, cushion length adjustment and lumbar support are also available for the rear seat, according to Porsche. And depending on the equipment you choose, the front passenger seat can also be adjusted from the rear.

Along with the Adaptive Sport Seats in front, the rear seats are also designed as Sport Seats and include raised side bolsters that will keep you and your passengers comfy on even the longest road trips.

To recap, here’s a look at the comfort features you’ll love inside the 2022 Porsche Panamera:

-Electric-power seats are standard and include heated seats and comfort headrests with contoured side bolsters for added comfort.


-A large rear center console is available for the Executive models and offers additional storage space as well as a further smartphone compartment, additional USB interfaces and a 12 V and 230 V socket.

-The front seats provide a very high level of comfort and provide support around dynamic corners without restricting freedom of movement. 

-In the front, the seat height, backrest angles and fore/aft position are able to be electronically adjusted.

-The front seats of all new Panamera 4S models – and the rear seats of the Panamera Turbo – include seat heating for added comfort. 


-Seat ventilation with active aeration of the perforated seat center and backrest – is optional. 

-An optional massage function in the powered seats (front and rear) includes five programs and five intensity levels to choose from, 10 air cushions in each backrest that provide a relaxing rub for the muscles.

-Ambient lighting, including rear interior lighting, is an option that is designed to enhance passenger comfort. 

-You can decide on design, including seat variants, leather or two-tone interior schemes, fine wood and metal finishes.

-In the Sport Turismo models, the 4+1 seating concept is standard and comprises two full-size individual seats outside left and right and one center seat in place of the storage compartment.

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