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Porsche Car Seats Are the Perfect Solution for Your Smallest Race Car Passengers

Porsche_child seats

Driving in a Porsche is one of the biggest thrills of a lifetime. So why not bring along your smallest passengers in one of our Porsche child seats?

Porsche child seats are extremely safe and secure, perfect for your Cayenne or Taycan.

These child seats meet strict safety standards and have been specially tested and approved for Porsche cars. 

Porsche child seats are extremely safe and secure
Porsche Designs Child Seats That Will Keep Your Smallest Race Car Passengers Safe At All Times.

Running to the bank in your 911 or Cayenne? No reason to leave the little one behind. 

Porsche child car seats offer passengers up to 12 years of age protection and comfort. 

The unique and sporty design of Porsche car seats – in iconic motorsport colors – makes these child seats an eye-catching choice to color-coordinate with your Porsche or your Porsche clothing for children and adults.

In other words, these seats fit perfectly into the dynamic image of your Porsche and allow your precious cargo to travel in style. 

Discover the selection of exclusive Porsche car seats for different age groups in our Porsche Shop at Porsche Palm Springs.

Even a newborn can go for a ride in your Porsche. It’s no problem with the Porsche child car seats. 

Porsche child seat for newborn
Ensure Your Newborn Is Safe Every Car Ride by Securing Them With A Porsche Car Seat.

Porsche child seats are, in fact, available for different age groups. 

Not only do they meet the highest safety standards. But they have special features such as side impact protection to absorb forces and control movement in the event of an impact.

There are also adjustable headrests for age-appropriate seat positioning and the five-point belt system with safety lock ensures that your children sit in our world-class child seats in an age-appropriate manner and are protected.

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The Porsche car seat for kids is fastened with the vehicle seat belt or with the separately available ISOFIX base.  That means your kids can always sit in an ergonomically friendly position while you concentrate on worry-free driving.

The moral of the story: When looking for the best child car seat for your Porsche, safety comes first -but there’s no reason to sacrifice the stylish Porsche aesthetic. 

Porsche child car seat
Porsche Designs Its Luxury Machines With The Safety of Their Drivers In Mind.

Let’s take a look at a few of the available models of the Porsche child seats.

Porsche Baby Seat.

This infant seat is uber-safe but also super stylish. As in Porsche racing stylish. It was designed to mesh seamlessly with the design of your Porsche and its shape was designed specifically for Porsche cars. It includes a five-point belt system and integrated seat adjustments. And you can even use it as a carrier. 

Porsche Junior Plus Seat
The Porsche Infant Seat.

Porsche Junior Plus Seat.

Similarly, the Junior Plus Seat is designed for use in a Porsche sports car. It’s compatible with all Porsche vehicles and even comes with a height-adjustable headrest, a width-adjustable seat surface, and extra-high side bolsters to offer the best side impact protection. This car seat is perfect for kids ages three to 12 – or 33-79 pounds. 

Porsche Child seat durivability, safety, and fun.
Porsche Junior Plus Seat.

Porsches are, in fact, the perfect family car.

With their excellent brakes, handling, and acceleration, Porsche is an ideal luxury car for your family.

Porsche has built family and utility vehicles that are among the highest rated cars in the world in terms of drivability, safety, and fun.

Among the most popular family Porsches: The Cayenne, the Panamera, and the Taycan. Not only do these vehicles have high performance and safety ratings they can accommodate up to five passengers. 

So don’t delay, give us a call or come in and visit with us today to see what Porsche Palm Springs can offer you in terms of a family vehicle that will give you – and the entire family – a reason to be excited about that next big adventure.

Porsche child seat fit perfectly
Drive the Porsche Way: Luxury. Performance. Safety.

Want a vehicle where one of our Porsche child seats will fit perfectly? Check out our latest inventory below.

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