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Eight Tips for Storing Your Porsche for the Season


If you’re going to store your Porsche for an extended amount of time, there are several precautions you should take before you simply tuck it away in your garage. Follow these simple steps to make sure your car doesn’t deteriorate while it’s stowed.

  1. Keep it inside. A climate-controlled storage facility is best, followed by a typical garage setting.
  2. Take it for a spin. To keep the engine running smoothly, take your car for a short spin around the city every few months to make sure it remains in tip-top shape.
  3. Clean it first. Before you store your car for an extended period, wash it and make sure the entire vehicle is completely dry to prevent mold or mildew buildup.
  4. Stop by the gas station. It’s best to store a car with a full tank of gas, which will remain fresh for about a year. You can couple it with a fuel stabilizer to prolong the life of the gasoline.
  5. Change the oil. Your car’s oil and filter should be changed shortly before storing. Also make sure that the vehicle has plenty of anti-freeze, power-steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.
  6. Charge the battery. To prevent battery deterioration, fully charge it before you store your automobile. This can be done with a battery charger or simply by driving. Plus, a battery tender (sometimes called a maintainer) can be used to keep the battery charged during inactivity.
  7. Consider your tires. Tires can be covered with plastic to avoid moisture damage. Furthermore, you may want to consider lifting your car to prevent flat spotting.
  8. Call your insurance company. If you will be storing your car for months, you could save money on your car insurance by reporting to the agency that the car is not in use.

These few steps will ensure that your Porsche comes out of storage looking as fantastic as the day you stowed it away. To make sure you’ve covered every base, it’s best to consult an experienced service technician. The service team at indiGO Auto Group’s Porsche of Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus is always ready to help prepare your car for days of dormancy.

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