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Porsche Electric Drive Technology of the Future


Porsche makes innovation happen, and the company’s manufacturers have worked day and night advancing technology and increasing driving dynamics.

Hybrids are evolving due to Porsche’s electric drive technology. By combining combustion engines and electric motors, a more energy-efficient hybrid has been created. Dr. Stefan Weckbach, head of the BEV model series, said, “This is the best example of how plug-in hybrid drives hugely increase driving dynamics and driving pleasure with the additional power and increased torque of the electric motor.” The electric drive technology maintains Porsche’s company principle of “high performance, low consumption.”  The average electric car takes 14 hours to fully charge, giving a driving range of just 68 miles. Porsche has been able to create a charger and a hybrid that gives off enough power to charge the electric vehicle fully in under 30 minutes, giving it a driving range of 288 miles.

Porsche’s growing technology does not end there. The manufacturers are looking to go above and beyond. Simon Hess, specialist for mobility concepts and charging infrastructure, added, “In the future, charging should be fast, convenient, safe, CO2-neutral, and at optimal cost.” This is the goal of Porsche’s future innovation.

Take one of the latest Porsche models for a test drive at indiGO Auto Group’s Porsche of Rancho Mirage on the Desert European Motorcars Campus.

{Blog Post by Kayla Duclos}

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