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Porsche of Rancho Mirage Showcases the 718 Boxster

Porsche of Rancho Mirage 718 Boxster LaunchThe excitement about the 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster has not waned since the roadster’s release earlier this year, and dealerships across the nation have developed creative ways to share the new redesign with customers. On Saturday, September 24th, Porsche of Rancho Mirage hosted a gourmet breakfast to showcase the new 718 Boxster to Porsche enthusiasts in Southern California. Morning delicacies included breakfast burritos, fresh fruit, muffins, sweet cinnamon rolls, coffee, tea, and juice. The focus of the event was to demonstrate how far the Porsche brand has evolved over the years, so the group at Porsche of Rancho Mirage chose to display two historical Porsches—one from the 1950s and one from the 1960s. This side-by-side comparison between the 718 Boxster and the vintage models was striking.

Porsche of Rancho Mirage 718 Boxster Launch

Porsche of Rancho Mirage 718 Boxster Launch  Porsche of Rancho Mirage 718 Boxster LaunchNot only did the team enjoy breakfast, but they also sent five employees and a large group of guests to a PCA Riverside Timeline Event at Lake Arrowhead of which Porsche of Rancho Mirage was a sponsor. The trip allowed customers to enjoy driving the Boxster and introduced the new model to those in attendance at the Lake Arrowhead event.

After a long but enjoyable day with the Boxster, each guest left with a commemorative Porsche 718 journal, and the team at Porsche of Rancho Mirage is happily working with several customers who want to take home Boxsters of their own.

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