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Porsche Palm Springs Holiday Shopping Guide

You or someone very close to you spends a lot of time in their Porsche.

No matter the occasion, buying a gift for a Porsche lover during the holiday season isn’t always easy, and that’s why a holiday shopping guide is essential.

A holiday shopping guide is helpful because Porsche enthusiasts can be notoriously picky about their personal style and hard to please. Often, they are the one gift recipient on your list who seems to already have everything they want in life. 

So, what’s the best gift for a Porsche lover? 

We’ve got you covered!

And there’s no time like the holidays to make sure that you – or your Porsche-loving friend or family member – have all the finest Porsche must-haves and accessories for 2022.

Porsche Palm Springs has the perfect Christmas gifts for that Porsche enthusiast in your life. That includes Porsche watches.

Porsche Design watches represent the perfect harmony of design and function combined with Swiss watchmaking expertise. The collaboration between designers at Studio F. A. Porsche (Austria) and the watchmakers at Porsche Design Timepieces AG (Switzerland) have produced.

holiday shopping guide
The Chronograph I Is A Timeless Icon From Porsche.

Porsche watches express passion for motorsport like no other watch. 

The finest materials are handcrafted into unique timepieces with a focus on design and performance. Above all, precision is the top priority: The Swiss movements of Porsche wristwatches from Porsche Design and Porsche Lifestyle are carefully tested for accuracy, for example by the independent testing body Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres [COSC] in Switzerland. They measure time with utmost precision and are timelessly beautiful. Porsche watches, along with other Porsche accessories, are the perfect complement to your business attire and the perfect holiday gift for men or women.

The chronotimers from Porsche are the right partners on the racetrack for measuring your lap times to the second. The stylish watches from Porsche Lifestyle and Porsche Design combine scratch-resistant, sevenfold anti-reflective sapphire glass with simple, effective carbon-fiber and titanium and perfect your look every single day. The Porsche chronographs are available in different versions with two or three separate timekeepers and a stopwatch feature.

Porsche Datetimers are the stylish classics among Porsche Design watches. The simple dial with the subtle Porsche Design logo always looks timeless and elegant thanks to its subtlety. The minimalist clarity unites these Porsche watches with their design role model: the legendary Porsche 911. Porsche Datetimers are made from high-quality materials such as titanium and seven times anti-reflective sapphire glass. Not only are you always right on time, you’re also fashionably up to date.

Check out:Porsche Design Turns 50 Years Old With Special Edition Swiss Watches

Porsche eBikes are another item that is sure to thrill your favorite Porsche lover.

The new Porsche eBike Sport not only emulates the legendary fly line of the 911 in design but it was also manufactured with the same passion for detail.

holiday shopping guide
Porsche eBike Sport. The Perfect Gift For Outdoor Adventurers.

The high level of component integration ensures an ideal balance between performance and elegance. An e-bike is fun and at the same time has a serious, streamlined appearance. It’s a Porsche, after all. The new Porsche eBike Cross, for instance, guides you safely through everyday life, but only unleashes its true strength off the asphalt. Every single one of its high-quality components was designed for rough terrain. Whether on extended tours or trail adventures.

Discover the adrenaline-charged Porsche driving feeling on two wheels and give someone the perfect Porsche gift this holiday season.

Know a Porsche lover who’s become a parent or grandparent? Then you might want to consider adding the Porsche Junior Seat to your holiday shopping guide.

The Porsche Junior Seat is suitable for children up to 60 inches. It can be used from ages 4-12 years, from 3.9 to 5.9 inches. The child seat is secured with the vehicle seat belt or with the LATCH locking system.

holiday shopping guide
The Porsche Tequipment Isofix Junior Car Seat Is The Ultimate Safety Child Seat.

The child seat is secured with the vehicle seat belt or with the LATCH locking system. The Porsche Junior Seat was developed by Porsche in a unique design and features “PORSCHE” logos on both sides.

The Porsche Junior Seat has:

  •  Multiple adjustable seat positions.
  •  Side impact protection for absorbing the forces and for checking the movement sequence in the event of a collision.
  •  An integrated headrest adjustment ensures an age-appropriate seat position.

The Porsche Junior Seat meets the latest standards of the applicable safety standard FMVSS-213.

Fastening with the LATCH system (Lower Anchor and Tether for Children) guarantees fast and safe installation of the child seat using fastening straps.

Adults need seats too. So why not consider the Porsche Oil Drum Seat for that Porsche lover who has everything?

Porsche Oil Drum Seat:
Make A Statement At Home Or The Office With The Oil Drum Seat.

The Oil Drum Seat by Porsche allows you to sit down and enjoy something different. 

This high-quality refined oil drum with an upholstered seat invites you to relax. The film in the 917 “Pink Pig” design is waterproof and weatherproof. This means the oil drum seat is suitable indoors and outdoors. Made in Germany, home of all things Porsche. It’s the perfect gift to add to your holiday shopping guide.

Getting ready for that rainy season or a mountain camping trip?

Porsche Palm Springs is offering specials on all-weather floor mats this holiday season.

 Porsche Floor Mat.
Protect Your Luxury Vehicle With The Porsche Floor Mat.

Porsche designs all Tequipment Floormats and Accessories to fit each year and model specifically. Specifically, they are:

  • Made by Porsche in Germany
  • Rubber, black with “PORSCHE” logo and vehicle silhouette 
  • Non-slip, waterproof, and protects from snow, dirt, and mud.
  • Custom-fit for your Carrera, Cayman, or Boxster.

Luggage mats/cargo liners offer optimum protection in the luggage compartment. Low-sided and high-sided cargo liners as well as the cargo liner with variable organizer system offer you the perfect Porsche OEM fit and waterproofing. It’s the gift you need in your holiday shopping guide for that special someone that loves Porsche.

Porsche Luggage Mat
Porsche Luggage Mat.

Porsche battery chargers should also make it on your Christmas list this year. The new Porsche Classic Battery Charger is always ready for you.

It was developed to ensure you will always be able to get behind the wheel when you’re ready to drive. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including but not limited to Classic cars, the charger’s smart design allows for proper upkeep of your battery without fear of damage, with the added bonus of great looks. The new Porsche Classic Battery Charger can be ordered via shop.porscheusa.com, authorized dealerships, and Porsche Classic Partners. 

The Porsche Classic Battery Charger solves a common issue with garage-kept vehicles losing power over time. With two modes available – maintenance and charging — the charger can either keep a battery at a proper charge level or revive a unit needing an extra boost. It’s compatible with both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries and the charger intelligently recognizes which voltage it is connected to, eliminating any second-guessing, and is also able to detect the optimal charge range of batteries.  With a built-in LED light on the positive red crocodile clamp, it’s never been easier to find battery terminals in dark areas.

Is your loved one a die-hard Porsche lover and you want to make this holiday season extra special for him? Porsche Palm Springs has you covered with the perfect item to add to your holiday shopping guide.

With the Porsche GT3 RS Model Car he can display his love for all things Porsche at home, the office, or his man cave.

Porsche Model Car
The Model Car He Needs To Display His Love For Porsche.

Experience the exhilaration of sports cars in a fresh way – in the great outdoors – with the new roof tent from Porsche Tequipment.

This practical adventure equipment transforms the sports car into a hotel room for nature lovers.

It has an exclusive hard case, which was developed at the Weissach Development Centre and co-designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See. The hard case design can be installed on the roof transport systems of the 9111, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan – both with and without roof rails. It is quite the room with a view, with two side windows and a roof window as standard. The all-season, two-person tent is now available to order from Porsche Palm Springs. Don’t forget to make it a part of your holiday shopping guide.

In the extended position, the floor surface measures 82 x 51 inches. A comfortable, high-density polyfoam mattress is integrated. The tent walls are made of a breathable cotton blend. With water-resistant zips and a separate rain cover for entry, the tent is designed for wetter weather too. The side walls mimic the fly line of the 911 and feature a PORSCHE logo. Highlights in the interior include the highly insulating quilted lining in Light Grey. The head end features a mountain silhouette. The mattress features the same quilting pattern.

Other features: both side windows can be fully opened for ventilation. An insect guard offers protection against mosquitoes and an additional black-out function helps keep the light out.

The Porsche roof tent can be set up quickly at the campsite. First, you open the lockable safety latches. Then, you lift the hard case slightly and open it up with the aid of two gas pressure shock absorbers. The foot zone of the floor is then folded out and stabilized using the integrated telescopic ladder. By now, the tent is already unfolded. The last step is simply to erect the tent and make it taut with the four poles.

Buyers can choose between the Black/Light Grey and Black/Dark Grey hard case, each of which is adorned with a matt black PORSCHE logo. Additional optional Tequipment accessories will be available soon. This includes an inner tent, a heated blanket, and a shoe and bag organizer.

Welcome to Zeitgeist, reloaded. The lightly quilted Porsche reversible jacket with a baseball collar brings 1960s style back to the here and now.

Thanks to many refined design details, such as decorative houndstooth quilting on the body, “ICONS OF COOL” historic crest badges, and embroidered Porsche logo in gold, Porsche history is being reinterpreted. In short, it’s the reversible jacket he needs in his life.

It has a baseball collar and two side pockets with press studs along with a body made of decorative houndstooth quilting. Also included: wallet and glasses cleaning cloth.

Porsche Reversible Jacket
Porsche Reversible Jacket: The Fashion Statement He Needs.

It’s a 100 percent nylon golf cart bag made of coated, waterproof nylon with nine patch pockets and a padded shoulder strap. Lined inner pocket for valuables, as well as an umbrella, gloves, and towel holder. Silver-colored ‘PORSCHE’ print with a grid pattern on the side.

holiday shopping guide
Porsche Golf Cart Bag.

Need a holiday shopping guide this Christmas season to make holiday shopping easier?

Check out our Porsche Palm Springs shop below.

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