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Porsche Turbo Chargers Are Changing the World of EV Charging

Porsche Charging Station

Taycan is just the beginning of electrification for Porsche.

It will soon be joined by a Macan EV and the next-generation 718 lineup, which is expected to adopt battery power sooner than later.

Porsche Taycan Interior
Porsche Destination Charging: The Future of The Automotive Industry.

The German automobile manufacturer is now developing the Porsche Destination Charging.

The Porsche Destination Charging concept is clear and concise:

Charging stations will be situated at “points of interest,” such as airports, hotels, and museums.  It will in essence be a bespoke charging system that caters to its customers.

The “premium stations” will be a far cry from your typical gas station, offering upscale amenities like working environments, food, and drink. The idea is to make charging a luxurious experience.

Designed by Porsche engineering, the Turbo Charger allows customers to recharge their vehicles very quickly via 800-volt charging capabilities.

Porsche, in essence, is creating its own charging infrastructure. Together with partners, Porsche is investing in “premium charging stations.”

Porsche Charging stations
Porsche is Changing the EV World by Creating Its Own Charging Infrastructure.

Porsche vehicle owners and their passengers will  enjoy convenient amenities such as refreshments and working environments. This brings a new level of luxury and comfort to the experience of charging an electric vehicle. 

Besides the innovative Porsche Destination Charging concept, the German luxury brand is also investing in other core technologies such as battery systems and module production.

For instance, one group is developing high-performance battery cells that are expected to be ready for production the year after next.

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At Porsche Palm Springs we’ve installed California’s first high-speed electric car charger designed specifically by Porsche.

The state-of-the-art electric “turbo” charger – which can charge a drained electric vehicle to full capacity in less than a half-hour – was designed specifically for the Taycan, Porsche’s first-ever all-electric vehicle. It offers the fastest available charge in the world today.

Porsche Turbo Charger
Porsche Palm Springs In The Lead: Discover California’s First High-Speed Electric Car Charger.

Unlike most conventional electric car chargers, which take hours to charge a car to full capacity, the Porsche high-speed charger can offer a full charge in just under 25 minutes. By comparison, even existing “superchargers” take more than twice as long to offer the same level of charge.

The rapid Porsche Turbo Charger charging point was developed by Porsche Engineering. It sets new standards in terms of charging time. Depending on the vehicle model, up to 62 miles of travel can be charged in just five minutes.

Owners of the fully electric Taycan are welcome to charge that model at Porsche Palm Springs. “Any Porsche owner visiting the store is welcome to charge their Taycan while they are here,” said Porsche Palm Springs General Manager Bram Zeegers, adding that in the near future the charger will be added to the Porsche Connect app.

Also, keep in mind that the Porsche Destination Charging is an interactive charging map that provides you with an overview of all charging stations – at your home and when traveling. Simply select your desired location and we will show you where you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle on the road and at your destination. Charge map

Porsche Destination Charging
Porsche Will Make Your EV Driving Experience One-of-A-Kind.

You can comfortably access Porsche Connect services and operate various vehicle functions using the My Porsche app. For example, you can control the charging process, check the state of charge of your battery or bring your all-electric Porsche to a comfortable temperature before you start your trip.

The intelligent services provide you with more ways to experience your Porsche than ever before.

You can enjoy an excellent analog driving experience that has been perfectly integrated into the digital world.

Porsche Connect services
Porsche Destination Charging Is Guaranteed to Make EV Charging Reliable and Convenient.

The digital services offered vary by vehicle model, model year, and specific country availability. To find out more, compare the service availability of the individual models in the Porsche Connect Store or log in with your Porsche ID to learn about the Porsche Connect services available for your vehicle.

Interested in an Electric Porsche? Check out our electric inventory below.

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