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The Porsche Taycan is at the Top When it Comes to the Fastest Charging EVs

How fast does the Porsche Taycan charge
How fast does the Porsche Taycan charge?

How fast does the Porsche Taycan charge?

When it comes to fast charging, the Porsche Taycan is setting records.

How fast does the Porsche Taycan charge
How fast does the Porsche Taycan charge?

The Taycan can go from 5 to 80 percent of full charge in just 22 minutes on the fastest charge points.

That means you won’t be enduring much of a wait – just enough time to visit the restroom or make a quick business call.

In fact, did you know that the Taycan is a current “charging champion,” according to an article by Christies Real Estate comparing the charging times of various luxury cars? 

That means you can add more than 15 miles of range for every minute your Taycan is plugged into the charger.

That super-quick charging capability makes the new Taycan Cross Turismo electric station wagon  a favorite for families and weekend road trippers.

How Fast does the Porsche Taycan charge
How Fast does the Porsche Taycan charge?

Starting at around $100,000 the Taycan Cross Turismo is powered by two electric motors with total outputs ranging between 469 and 750 horsepower, depending on the trim level you decide on. The Taycan also has its two-speed transmission on the rear axle – a first for an EV. 

The 2022 Taycan Cross Turismo can also park itself without someone behind the wheel via smartphone thanks to the new remote-parking feature.

Porsche Taycan Charging system

There’s also a new operating system in the infotainment setup as well as enhanced voice commands.

And with Porsche’s “Paint to Sample” program, customers can select personal colors, including those from your favorite ’90s Porsche models. 

And, of course, that charging capability. Keep in mind that all-electric cars are not created equal.

Some of the newer luxury models can take on significantly more power at one time than other cars – and the Taycan happens to be one of those. In fact, it’s currently the fastest.

The Taycan Cross Turismo can accept 270 kilowatts of charging power — leading to super-quick refueling times at stations that provide sufficient power. 

It’s nice to only have to stop for 20 minutes when you are used to charging for, say, 45 minutes. And if you are trying to make it to a specific destination by a certain time it can make all the difference.

Porsche Taycan front panel

Because it’s so fast to charge, the cost of recharging a Taycan can be relatively inexpensive. According to InsideEVs, charging to 80 percent will set you back by only $4.80. (Keep in mind that DC fast-charging stations aren’t available everywhere just yet).

Other Taycan Cross Turismo features we love:

  • It’s a rugged and sporty all-electric utility vehicle overflowing with Porsche DNA.
  • The Turismo embraces your lifestyle, with an enlarged rear luggage compartment and even more spacious interior.
  • The cooling system ensures that the drive is optimally supplied with energy in any situation.
  • Porsche’s adaptive dampers and an air suspension are standard on all models and make the Taycan Cross Turismo ride 0.8 inch higher than the sedan.
porsche taycan panel
  • A Gravel drive mode increases ride height another 0.4 inch.
  • The optional off-road design package provides the Cross Turismo with the extra ride height of Gravel and adds unique front and rear fascias, additional body cladding, and side skirts.
  • A roof rack and a rear-mounted bike rack will also be available from Porsche.

 To find fast-charging stations for your Taycan visit Electrify America.

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