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Electrifying a Legend: Porsche Taycan’s Incredible Lineage

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If you’d said 15 years ago that Porsche would create an electric vehicle that accelerated as fast as its iconic 911 Turbo nobody would have believed you.

Back then, the first generation of electric cars, such as the GM EV1, had taken a nosedive in the market and all other EV models were looking like they would follow suit.

At least for the time being.

But let’s back it up a bit more.

First Electric Cars - EV1
The GM EV1, The first generation of electric cars.

As outlined in the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car, the future of electric cars looked so good initially. The EV1 was available by lease initially to customers in California and Arizona exclusively. The vehicle’s range was generally between 70 to 100 miles, and people were very excited about the car.

Unfortunately, GM eventually came to believe that electric cars would be unprofitable and wound up turning off production of their entire EV fleet amid outrage from customers.

Blue Porsche Taycan

So how did we get from that mess to where we are now with the all-electric Taycan, for example, being one of the fastest and most sought after EVs in the world? In fact, the Taycan Turbo S EV recently set a new Guinness World Record for fastest indoor vehicle speed. It was achieved at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The old record was 86 mph. The Taycan’s new record is 102.6 mph.

The electric version of the Taycan Turbo S is just as quick at accelerating as the gasoline powered 911 Turbo S. In fact, no internal-combustion engine can duplicate the instantaneous torque of an electric powertrain. 
The 911 – particularly the 911 Turbo S – has long been the German automaker’s centerpiece. But the EV Taycan Turbo S may be quickly catching up with the iconic sports car.

The original 911 Turbo S and the Taycan Turbo S aren’t that far apart philosophically. Both of them came out of Porsche’s pioneering spirit and perfectionism. “They are both state-of-the-art grand touring cars. But they’re in separate states of different arts,” according to an article on the theRoad and Trackwebsite.  The Road and Track piece points out that the current 911 Turbo S is the direct lineal descendant of the incredible 1975 911 Turbo Carrera. “Like that 260-hp dentist-killer of 45 years ago, it’s powered by a turbocharged flat-six ridiculously positioned aft of the rear wheels. And they kinda/sorta almost look alike, too,” according to the article. In fact, the Taycan Turbo S has similar power and sporty attitude and borrows many styling cues from the original. 

Porsche Taycan Driving

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between what are now two iconic Porsches: 


  • The Taycan’s front hood has a 911-like indent at its center and is set low between the fenders. 
  • The Taycan’s A-pillars and windshield are close to 911 shapes
  • The Taycan’s tail uses the current Porsche full-slash lighting theme like the 911.
  • The Taycan also has yellow brake calipers. 
Porsche Taycan for Sale


Taycan Turbo S commands a starting price of $185,00 while the 911 Turbo S starts at $203,500

-The Taycan does not use gas or employ a “real” turbo engine and instead has two electric motors—one over the front axle and the other over the rear axle. In between is a massive battery carrying 396 electric cells outputting 800 volts. With 93 kilowatt-hours available the Taycan Turbo S is EPA-rated at 192 miles of total range.
(But it gets more in real world tests).

-When it comes to aesthetics some say the Taycan is an update on a legendary design. It’s gorgeous outside and inside, where a floating, curved digital panel nearly wraps around the steering wheel. Additionally there’s virtual gauges on the panel hint at traditional dashboard layouts in the 911 but with a look all its own.

Porsche Taycan Connection

-The Taycan starts up in a very high-tech fashion: You simply press the start button to the left of the steering wheel and the dash lights up like something out of Star Wars.

-The Taycan Turbo has fewer maintenance needs while the gas-powered 911 requires fuel, cooling, lubrication, and all the other maintenance details you expect to take care of with a non-electric automobile. The Taycan, with none of those same parts and no motor oil and gas needs due to its battery-powered engine, requires minimal upkeep.  

-The Taycan Turbo S won’t give you the growl of the 911 even in Sport Plus mode.  

-Taycan’s top speed is a 161 mph whereas the 911 hits 205. So there you have it! Please reach out today if we can answer any of your questions or get you scheduled for a test drive!

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The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is One of the Fastest Electric Cars in the World
porsche taycan turbo s

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is One of the Fastest Electric Cars in the World

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