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The New Free Drive Expansion for the Porsche Track Precisions App Lets You Immortalize Those Great Driving Moments.

Porsche_ Track Precisions App

Porsche is synonymous with a spirited drive.

And Porsche is proud of the fact that pretty much every single one of its models feels right at home on the track or on a twisty mountain road.

Now, you can immortalize these special moments on the road thanks a new Free Drive expansion for the Porsche Track Precision app. 

porsche_Track Precisions App

The new offer from Porsche to all of its customers means that Free Drive will no longer be used exclusively for race tracks. In fact, you can now use it every time you take your Porsche out for a drive. 


As a Porsche customer you may already be acquainted with the Track Precision App and how it automatically activates when your car’s telemetry indicates that you are conducting laps.

The app works by examining the vehicle position, speed, engine speed, braking force, and more. It then identifies “iconic moment” that you may be enjoying and record a one-minute video you can watch later.

Now, Free Drive mode will pay attention to even your more relaxed driving events by zeroing in on, among other things, high braking pressure, strong accelerations and higher G-forces. 


Even if you feel like the app missed something important you will have the option of manually identifying that moment and and memorialize it forever.

Furthermore, the app will combine the video footage with any photos you may have taken while out for your drive. 

It’s a handy complementary tool that helps you further enhance Porsche’s recent virtual track creator project that lets you enjoy your favorite roads on the comfort of your own sofa.

Jorg Bergmeister, a Porsche brand ambassador and test driver, recently put the app to the test while driving a Panamera Sport Turismo.

porsche_Jorg Bergmeister_test driver

“On the race track, it’s all about lap times and direct competition,” Bergmeister said afterwards. 

“Here on the Rossfeld Panoramastrasse, I can just enjoy the drive without any pressure at all. With the new Free Drive function, spectacular moments are automatically recorded. Later on, I can simply pull up the documented drives in the app and revisit those moments.”

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What Is the Porsche Track Precision App?

Do you enjoy taking your Porsche to the track? The Porsche Track Precision App allows you to easily track your lap times and analyze your overall driving performance. You can select your desired track from over 200 predefined race tracks worldwide, or simply create your own!

And thanks to precise GPS data, by connecting to your vehicle’s sensors to the app, the technology allows you to track your laps and make improvements by analyzing your driving line and braking behavior. Using your smartphone, you can record onboard videos or even connect to an action camera.

Driving data and videos can also be exported to your computer for detailed analysis. And of course, you can easily share your driving experience with friends through social networking sites.


Porsche Track Precision App is your personal trainer for the race track. Whether you are interested in shaving as many seconds as you can off your lap times, or simply want to record and share your track experience, the Track Precision App is for you. Download Porsche Track Precision App now!

The Porsche Track Precision App is available for  all Boxter, Cayman and 911 models – as well as all GT vehicles with model improvements from CW45/16.

The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) version 4.0, as well as the equipment options Connect Plus and Sport Chrono Package, are required to use the app. For more information on the Porsche Track Precision App contact us today at 

Download the Porsche Track Precision App here.

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